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Before I started this adventure, I was in the New York financial industry for nearly 20 years.  Although rewarding and eventful, it was a stressful career that left my days unfulfilled and exhausted. So I needed a way to keep my sanity, my health, and my relationship from swirling out of control.  Aromatherapy was my God-sent – it changed my life for the better, and I’m sure it will do the same for you.

Aroma-therapeutic essential oils have been my passion for 17 years.   You can feel the medicinal effects of real oils, especially when it comes to stress relief or healing.  The idea of sharing this earthen elemental magic with others became such a passion for me that I founded Phizzics – “The Elements of Care”, for we master the earthen elements to create the body care magic you observe.

One day, I realized that some of my favorite brands were not as natural as I expected, because they often use harsh chemicals that are both harmful to this wonderful blue and beautiful planet and our bodies in the long run.  I knew at that time I had to create something that I could use on my children, parents, husband, and dear friends without harming them or the planet. I was going to show their bodies and the planet – the healing love they need – by doing it naturally and sustainable – the right way.

Encouraged by family members and friends, I began the journey and decided to take matters into my own hands.  Nothing else moisturized and lasted more than 1-2 hours.   The Elements, All-natural products that are sustainably sourced and smell unbelievably amazing. 

Phizzics believes in fresh, hand-made products that are 100% custom blended with only the purest organic oils, naturally grown herbs, and botanicals. So whether you are on the go or have your daily routine, our products will suit your lifestyle.   

We pride ourselves in the following minimal requirement for all our products.

No Sulfates

No Petrochemicals

No Synthetic Emulsifiers

No Alcohol

No Artificial colors

No Mineral oil

No Artificial fragrances

No Petroleum products

No Nut-oils

Beautiful skin begins with the right skincare products.  Restore, Revitalize and Relax with our body and bath products, including our signature cloud soaps, body soufflés, scrubs and more – All Handmade.


It’s Not Chemistry….. It’s Just PHIZZICS

No Nut Oil

No Soy

No Sulfate

No Mineral Oil

Paraben Free

Alcohol Free

Additive Free

GMO Free