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I am the founder and CEO of Phizzics.   Before beginning this adventure, I was in the New York financial industry for almost 20 years.  Though rewarding and eventful, it can be a stressful career, which left my days feeling unfulfilled and needing to unwind.

Aromatherapeutic essential oils have been a love of mine for 17 years.   One can truly feel the medicinal effects of real oils, especially when in need of stress relief or healing.  The idea of sharing that natural elemental magic with others is a wild passion of mine.  When I decided to share I first conceived Avec Amour which has now transformed into the Phizzics The Element of Care for your skin.

It all came from a deep love for natural solutions in products, yielding long term results. But when I started looking at the labels, I realized not everything was as natural as I thought it was …Harsh chemicals that are harmful to the planet and our bodies.  I knew I needed to create something. 

So, I embarked on the journey and decided to take matters into my own hands.   Create something healthy for our skin, young or aging, which was safe and sustainable.  Because nothing else moisturized and lasted more than 1-2 hours.   The Elements, All-natural products that are sustainably sourced and that smell unbelievably amazing.  Oh! And that actually work better!  

Hence about six years ago…

I began creating a lot of our own Skin Care at home. I mostly stuck with creating the items that we used a lot of and often. Amongst them were lotions for the face and skin, body oils, body washes, and hair masks.  Needless to say, I fell in love.

Whether you are on the go, or have your daily routine, our products suite all lifestyles and life’s changes to your skincare.   100% custom blended with only the purest organic oils, naturally grown herbs, and botanicals.

Phizzics believes in our Fresh Handmade products. Encouraged by family members and friends is how it all came to you. The sensorial natural lotions, oils, face serums and scrubs will leave you falling in love with your skin over and over again!  

No Sulfates

No Petrochemicals

No Synthetic emulsifiers

No Alcohol

No Artificial colors

No Mineral oil

No Artificial fragrances

No Petroleum products

No Nut-oils.


Seeking a natural approach to skincare? Our products are handmade in small batches using 100% natural plant seed oils and butters blended with essential oils.  

Just the simple elements will do the trick.  

Phizzics…. Use The Element of Care to Love Your Skin



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