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Give them a little bit of pampering with The Phizzics Clear Face Collection Gift Set.  Restore, dramatically rehydrate and rejuvenate with a combination of botanical oils that provide skin with essential fatty acids, vitamins, antioxidants, phytonutrients and anti-inflammatories. This  gift set contains 4 full-sized products for the skin daily routine.

(Specialty Gift Box Included.)



1. Cheeky Water Cleanse 50ml: This Compassionate Face Wash is a one of a kind face wash that imparts a gentle, soft and smooth after feel to the skin. This non-pore clogging ingredients help clean your skin by removing excess oil, dirt and make-up.

2. Oh! Honey Face Tonique 120ml: Made with Black Honey, an amazing antioxidant that will boost your skins resilience and help it maintain a flawless appearance.  This face tonic has the sweet, intoxicating scent of honeysuckle.

3. Edgeology Growth Serum 30ml: Lightweight natural hair-thickening serum Is Great for thinning hair, slow growing, and balding hair.

4. CLEARLY Restorative Face Oil 30ml: Dark Marks are caused by hyperpigmentation which produces excess melanin and creates those dark patches on your skin. Hyperpigmentation affects people of all skin colors.

5. Pore Pineapple – Phizz Bomb Enzyme Face Mask 118ml: This mask features Pineapple Pulp and Enzymes which focuses on creating a smooth & radiant skin tone. It is pore refining and suitable for various skin types


(Specialty Gift Box Included)

No Nut Oil

No Soy

No Sulfate

No Mineral Oil

Paraben Free

Alcohol Free

Additive Free

GMO Free


The Phizzics Clear Face Collection Gift Set. Get to know Phizzics, and your skin will forever thank you, with this pampering set.  This  gift set contains 4 full-sized products for the daily clear face routine.

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